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Why choose Best Impression for resume-writing and job-search services?

Since 1982, we have written powerful resumes and cover letters to help thousands of executives advance their careers. We'll identify, pinpoint, and highlight your unique skills and qualifications... probe your background to discover strengths and assets... create marketing tools that position you above the crowd.

Our process ensures your resume is as unique as you are.

We work with you through personal consultation to gather both information and impressions that enable us to paint just the right picture of who you are and the value you offer.

You'll work directly with an expert, award-winning industry leader.

Louise Kursmark, president of Best Impression, is directly involved in all client projects. The author of 18 career-related books, Louise has earned multiple industry certifications (including the world's first "Master Resume Writer" credential) and resume-writing awards. Her advice and expertise have been sought by ExecuNet, Netshare,, Bluesteps, FENG, Business Week Online, CareerBuilder, and numerous radio programs on career topics.

Value-added services accelerate your search.

Once your resume is completed, we will recommend proven services to drive your search forward. Take advantage of our 20+ years of experience, professional network, and industry knowledge!

Meet Louise Kursmark

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